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New Tech Integrated

We are dedicated to the achievement of equality for all our products. Every of our staff and experts are sniffing the newest technologies as well as skills and try their best to make them usable in our software for the perfection. For us, "cutting-edge" is not just a slogan.

Intuitive UI & Features

One of the highlights of our software is the intuitive interface, which makes using them easy as pie. Forget those confusing terms and menus and experience the most considerate feature set with only moving and clicking your mouse buttons.

Free & Safe

Our products are 100% free to use, no hidden cost, no registration, no nothing. More importantly, they are totally safe for your computer because we provide our software without any disturbance of adware, spyware, malware and viruses.

Ongoing Support

No matter how powerful the software is, it is useless until its users know how to use it. That's why we provide detailed guidance and tutorials as well as online support for further questions you may have. Don't hesitate to contact us!


Awards & Testimonials


  • SnapFiles

    Very Good
    Useful driver backup software to help save driver configuration in case you can do nothing when faced with invalid drivers after reformatting or re-installing Windows. It performs just as advertised the backed-up drivers are easy to reinstall. A recommendable alternative for your rainy day
  • PC World

    Editor's Review
    Free Driver Backup fulfills its driver backup task quickly and without any mistake. Reliable freeware
  • Softonic

    Editor's Choice
    We discover that this free driver backup tool backs up drivers as well as cookies, IE favorites and registries. Developers' useful multifunctional invention for their customers
  • Tucows

    Five Cows
    Free Driver Backup proves to be workable software, able to search out and back up all or recommended drivers in users' PC


  • John Ferry

    Ultimately, this is a must-have utility. I had successfully made a driver backup and it's only took me just several seconds! Thanks for your development team
  • Kendra Mernoid

    I particularly like the choice of driver's backup options. It provides selections like backup the selected drivers, backup the recommended drivers, or back all drivers
  • Bill Mullins

    In fact, I've had it happen before I did a system reinstall. I searched online and found this free drivers backup program - this is a very simple and useful tool which allows me to view all the drivers installed on my system. It helped me backup all my important drivers and saved me lots of time to download them. Thank you
  • Rick Broida

    Your driver backup software makes the work of saving drivers fast and easy. It automatically scans my system as soon as I launch it, and lets me back them up in the blink of an eye


Download Free Driver Backup

100% Free Driver Backup Software. Safe & Easy.

Free Driver Backup is 100% safe to install and use on your computer. The uninstaller will help easily remove it from your system if you want it gone.

Download Free Driver Backup


How to Backup Drivers?

When computer disasters strike, will you be prepared? Free Driver Backup can backup device drivers to safeguard your device-related drivers from loss or corruption in case of computer crashes or other disasters. This free device driver backup software gives peace of mind.

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How to Scan Drivers & Select Drivers?

Searching drivers on CD or on the website is frustrating and time-consuming. Why not end all frustration right now? Sit back relax and watch Free Driver Backup solve the painful driver issues for you. It helps backup your drivers to save time and effort.

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How to Reinstall Drivers with Device manager?

Free Driver Backup can back up all the currently installed device drivers without re-downloading drivers or using CD-ROMs. You don't need to waste time looking for old driver installation CDs or searching on the internet for the drivers.

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How to Backup Cookies?

Free Driver Backup can search out and backup cookies so that you won't have to sign in or type the password and username yourself when going to any website again and again after reinstall.

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How to Backup IE Favorites?

Free Driver Backup enables you to backup IE favorites so that you won't get upset when your PC crashes and have to reinstall windows thus losing everything in your favorites folder.

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How to Backup Registry?

Free Driver Backup does a great job helping you create backup of registry entries. Now it's easier to restore registry from the backups in case you need to revert back to a previous version of registry.

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Video Tutorial - Backup System Drivers Video Tutorial

Free Driver Backup is completely FREE utility to create free backup of all the drivers on your computer.

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Who Are We?

FreeDriverBackup, Inc., founded in 2005, is a leading software development company which offers utilities that cleans, optimizes and improves PCs. We design our products with the specific goal of providing our customers with as much value as possible and also of offering top performance.

Customer Focus

We believe that software engineering is an extremely important process and hope that our products and services will expand innovation, benefits and opportunities for our customers. With the feedback and collective intelligence of users from around the globe, we're striving to supply high-quality software which fits its purpose very well and is well designed with user interfaces that are both logical and visually appealing.


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